Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free the Elevator Music!


OK, so this is half in jest.

I was reading slashdot this morning and came on this article:



and I thought, hold on... Hey! You other businessmen need to pay attention! This is how the businessmen taking the course are going to try and take your money from your businesses for the benefit of theirs. To reduce your bottom line in order to pad theirs.

And so I thought, what if we started a movement to provide businesses of the world with Free (and free, or Libre (and gratis) ) elevator music.

Would this make things clearer for the average businessman? Would they see how foolish it was to be worrying about Free music having a negative effect on their business? Would it be easier to see a course showing the elevator music making companies how to fight the Free Music for elevator folks for what it is?

I wonder...

all the best,


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