Thursday, June 7, 2012

Government, copyright and the public good

Can someone get the Bahamas Government to officially comment?

Government, copyright and the public good

[At GovCamp Canberra 2012, the Australian Information Commissioner Professor John McMillan stated:
"When government is the owner of intellectual property, a proprietary approach runs counter to the purpose of government and the public good".
We couldn't agree more.]

 Think about that a bit.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Thieves? Stealing?

Thieves? Stealing?

So I read this article the other day. And it is not the first time I have seen such an idea out in the wild.

TV Networks File Legal Claims Saying Skipping Commercials Is Copyright Infringement

Think about what they are saying for a minute. If you get up and go to the bathroom during a commercial break, you are a thief in their minds.

So this morning I go to a sports site (which I will not name) and I go to watch a story on last nights Celtics-Heat game. They show me a pre-clip commercial then a message comes up saying that the video is not available in my area.

Think about this for a second. If not watching commercials but watching the show is stealing, isn't showing the commercials while refusing to deliver the show also stealing?

This is to all sites *breaking* the world wide part of the world wide web:

1. Shame on you in general.
2. Double shame on you for not detecting the region and notifying the watcher before showing the commercial, not after. Shame!