Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Online Collaboration Meets Online Business

So here is something I want. We shall see if I will find it when I go looking or if I have to push for it to come into being.

What I have in mind is for online businesses to deal with online collaborators who deal in informal collaborations.

For example, I just made an albun in February 2008 with The Linux Audio Users Chillout Band:

Album Page

What might be nice is if we could put adsense elements on the pages we wish and tell adsense what profit sharing breakdown we want. Then they would pay us as individuals.

I would like something similar for CDBaby, iTunes, etc.

That way, on our side, we would not need some legal entity set up to get paid and then distribute the proceeds, or one of us would not have to deal with the tax implications of getting paid for all of us and then sending on the cuts.

It would make life much simpler for informal collaborations of collaborations with a high flux rate.