Friday, April 27, 2007

Some thoughts on a "Copyright Offensive"

I had originally posted this in my /. journal. Didn't realise they would disable comments after a while. Let's hope that doesn't happen here.

The idea for a Copyright Offensive is this:

We need a set of proposals that we can push. They need to be such that they can make the situation better. They need to be such that we can reach a compromise on them that will still make things better.

Here are some thoughts for your consideration:

1. All 'non marked' works get an automatic copyleft, not an automatic copyright.

2. Copyleft works can be registered for free, copyright works incur a registration fee.

3. There is a yearly copyright tax imposed on copyright works, copyleft works are exempt.

4. The copyright tax is based on a percentage of the copyright holder declared value of the work.

5. The copyright holder will be encouraged to declare an honest value by having to sell the copyright to to work at the declared value or 5 percent above that value to any and all comers. At the value if the purchaser will put the work under a copyleft, 5 percent above if the purchaser will keep the work copyright.

6. Copyright status lasts for 10 years, then the works convert to copyleft for another ten then they go into the public domain.

7. Originally copyleft works remain copyleft for the life of the author (and perhaps plus whatever.)

8. Works building on public domain works are not eligible for copyright status, only copyleft. (Does this make any practical sense??)

Fall back position for public domain going copyleft. Any work drawing from the public domain for copyright MUST clearly indicate what is public domain and what is *new* and point to the public domain work on a gratis web site or make it available on one if at all possible and to the extent possible. (as in you obviously can't do this completely in the case of a sculpture.)

all the best,