Friday, March 27, 2020

Virus Thought Experiment

Virus Thought Experiment

An ignorant thinker asks your thoughts...

The Setup:

Two very similar countries.

  • Each have a 100 million population.
  • Each had the first infected come back from a trip at the same time.
  • Each has had the same rate of spread.
  • Both are now 10% infected.
Country A tests 100 thousand people.
Country B tests 10 thousand.

What are some possible headlines that, while true would be very misleading?

Are we getting the numbers in the news and from official government sources that we need to think clearly and intelligently about this situation we find ourselves in?

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lock Down Project Proposal

Lock Down Project Proposal

March 21/2020

This proposal if for the consideration of those groups of people put on lock down for whatever reason. The date should give you a clue as to what prompted this.

I will be speaking in some generalities in this post and may be contacting some people / groups privately with more particulars and to determine interest. I am splitting things up this way in case the public / general part might help / inspire a wider group than I contemplate. This is for people who are "artistic" or "crafty" in any way.

Quick Summary

  • We can work together online creating music, art, photography, books, etc.
  • We can put everything under a Creative Commons BY-SA license.
  • We can market these co-created works and give the proceeds to a "good cause" of our choosing.
  • We can also allow the "good cause" of our choosing to market / deal in the works we create in this project to raise money that we did not raise.


If you have any objections to any of the above:

  • Change whatever you need to change in the groups you organize so that your group has a good time and gets something worthwhile done.
  • Keep you objections off of this page. You have a better solution one point above.
  • If you are a part of a group I reach out to later, we can work things out in private.

Notes and Rambles

Other Possibilities

Book of short stories / essays
Photo book
Photo Calendars
Art Works
Clothing Designs
Computer Programs / Apps
T-Shirt Designs

I may add to this later. I would be interested in hearing anything that comes of this.