Monday, October 24, 2011

A Clue For Cable Bahamas

A Clue For Cable Bahamas

OK, so I went to lunch with a friend today and he mentions that cable cut off his internet over the weekend for a $17 unpaid balance. Seems his bill is around a hundred a month and he overpays by a small amount online and never really looks at the bill itself.

Actually, a couple of clues.

1. Disconnect accounts on Monday morning, not on the weekend.

2. Be smart. Why disconnect a regularly paying customer over such a small amount. How about an email to let them know of the problem? Perhaps to an email account other than the Cable Bahamas / Coralwave one which I am sure many never use.

3. Here is the main clue... Set up a captive portal instead of disconnecting an account. When the person tries to go on the web, take them to a page explaining the issue and giving them a chance to review their bill and pay online. Problem solved. Everyone is happy.

Other internet companies should feel free to use this clue to your benefit as well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Attribution But Not Attribution-ShareAlike?

Attribution But Not Attribution-ShareAlike?

Decide to write this up after reading this news:

Blackboard Launches New Open Education Initiatives

My simple thought is that if you find a company or person willing to let you share your work under a BY license but not under a BY-SA license you might want to pause and think twice. Their unstated message to you may just be that they are willing to let you work for them for free but are not willing to let you protect that work for your community.

There is too much fear of copyleft going around these days.

#FearCopyLeft #FearBYSA