Thursday, April 23, 2020

Wind Kill Factor

Wind Kill Factor

I thought I had posted this here before. I wanted to refer to it this morning and could not find it. Luckily I found it in my Facebook posts on April 10th.

Watching winter football, we are always hearing about:

Wind Chill Factor.

Now pandemic and no talk of:

Wind Kill Factor.

If 6 to 10 feet is a safe distance indoors, what is a safe distance downwind of an infected person relative to wind speed when outdoors on a windy day?

Where are the graphs?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Bahamas Real Estate Proposal 01

Bahamas Real Estate Proposal 01

Or, John Christie and COVID 19 made me do it.

I have been thinking about this idea and talking about it from time to time with friends for many years now. But, I can't recall ever documenting it in public before. You can put this down to professional crastination at the highest levels if you like.

I finally wrote this as a reply to a comment by John Christie on Facebook. I thought I would put it here to make it easier to find in the future and to finally document the idea...

John Christie - one idea I have had to reduce what I see as some of the negative impacts of the high tax on transfer of property is to bring time into the equation.
For example: 
Property sells today for the first time in 60 years. Regular rate is paid. Sells again within 2 years, 100% discount on regular rate. Sells within 2 to 50 years use this equation: 
regular rate X (year/50) 
Sells after 50 years: regular rate 
I think I have the maths correct there. (This is not considering your proposal, special adjustment as needed to incorporate that idea. 
Positive benefit. Allows people with the skills to buy, renovate, and flip. Without having to play games or raise the price enough to cover such a high tax twice in a short time. I have felt for years that this would be a good thing for our market.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Out Of Touch COVID-19

The Out Of Touch

April 12th, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown Thoughts.

I figure there must be more than zero people in this world right now... Living off grid, in the woods, in the forest, in the bush, in the jungle, on a remote island somewhere...

Who do not even know that all of this is going on...

Do you agree?

If so, what do you think the order of magnitude of the number might be. (A range is OK too...)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Git Modeling

Git Modeling

Rough explanation...

For all scientific modelling receiving public funding, and for all models whose results are used to sway public policy, all data needed for a model run, the code used in the model run, and the output from a model run should be put in a publicly readable git repository. This must be done for *every* run of the model.

We should be able to go back and rerun any model from any point in time with the data from that point in time and confirm that we get the same results that are published for that run in the past.

We should also be able to run data from point in the past A with the model code from point in the past B and compare the results to the results from data from point in the past A with the model code from point in the past C's results...

And other variations.