Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free the Elevator Music!


OK, so this is half in jest.

I was reading slashdot this morning and came on this article:



and I thought, hold on... Hey! You other businessmen need to pay attention! This is how the businessmen taking the course are going to try and take your money from your businesses for the benefit of theirs. To reduce your bottom line in order to pad theirs.

And so I thought, what if we started a movement to provide businesses of the world with Free (and free, or Libre (and gratis) ) elevator music.

Would this make things clearer for the average businessman? Would they see how foolish it was to be worrying about Free music having a negative effect on their business? Would it be easier to see a course showing the elevator music making companies how to fight the Free Music for elevator folks for what it is?

I wonder...

all the best,


Monday, September 15, 2008

Inter Discipline Synergy?

Specifically Novels and Music in respect to NaNoWriMo and Kompoz.

The idea in a nutshell.

NaNo novelists may write song lyrics as a part of their novel. They will license these (the lyrics, not necessarily their whole novel) as cc BY or cc BY-SA. There will be a place in the forums on kompoz or nano or better yet some shared forum where lyrics written each day may be posted.

Kompozers, for their part who wish to take part, will choose from the lyrics each day and try to have a song done around those lyrics by the next day. This song(s) will featured each day on the nano site.

Alternately, for the NaNo novelists who do not wish to write lyrics themselves, there can be daily suggestions on the kompoz site for BY and BY-SA songs whose lyrics may be included in their novels. (Special permission must be granted by the lyricists putting forward BY-SA licensed suggestions to include the lyrics in an all rights reserved (or other licensed) novel.)


Kompoz post: http://www.kompoz.com/compose-collaborate/topicId-2041/messages.forum

NaNo post: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/2015598">


Friday, September 12, 2008

Lyrical Doings

Well, I keep on writing. Some are slowly turning into musical works.

Hopefully, more to come,