Saturday, May 16, 2009

Idea for a Feature for Ardour and Traverso

Idea for a feature for Ardour and Traverso.

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OK, so I use ardour and traverso depending on who knows what.

I record a band at gigs.

When I get back with the recording, I often have multiple CDs worth of material recorded. What I do for them is go through and mark up the recording to just get the songs and leave out all the between song chatter, noise during breaks etc.

I like ardour's way of doing this way more than traverso's.

So I would like to see traverso changed to do this more like ardour.

However, if you look at the quick and dirty little gimp work I did for the image here in this post you will get an idea of what I think would be an improvement to even the way ardour does this.

Ardour runs into a problem for me when I get more than one CD's worth of songs. I suggest adding a field at the start of each range line (Title is Disc and I have 1 and 2 in the graphic) by which we can indicate which CD the song belongs to.

The if we have more than one CD indicated, when we export the TOC, multipls TOC files will be exported from which we can burn multiple CDs.

If this is not clear, let me know and I will try and improve the explanation.

(May 17 edit)

Just having a chat with remon in IRC this morning about this and came up with the idea to have traverso let you mark "sheet ranges" and then auto create sheets and populate them with the marked ranges as a part of this workflow and especially one where further recording worm might be done to the songs.

Then remon had the idea to remerge the sheets back to a new master sheet for the mastering stage.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Open Core Model Is Bogus

To my way of thinking, the "Open Core Model" Is Bogus.

To me, on of the key benefits of Free Software is the lack of vendor lock in.

The "Open Core Model" wants me to forgo that benefit if I need the advanced features. Well, if I am going to give up that benefit, then what benefit is the open core to me anyway? I might as well look at the fully proprietary software in that space. (I don't think so, not if there is a Free alternative.) So, in asking me to give up one of my key benefits, they lose one of their key selling points.

Plus, The mixing of Free and non-Free this way leads me not to trust them or the software they are peddling.


Midnight Freedom Show 1

Midnight Freedom Show 1

OK, so since the beginning of the year, I have had a small radio show that airs at around midnight every night on Y98.7 in Nassau Bahamas.

Now, I am no big time DJ by any means but I may have learned a thing or two in the time I have been doing the show and I would like to pass on some ideas for people doing the Free Music thing and who would like to get their song played on the radio at least once.

The way the show works so far is that I play a different song that has been released under a Free License every night at around midnight. Hence the Midnight Freedom Show. Because of this I find myself spending a large proportion of the time I devote to the show looking for and listening to Free Music to see if it fits the format of the station and is OK for the radio.

Some days I have less time than other days and this brings me to a small bit of advice.

If you have your music someplace like Jamendo, Kompoz, ccMixter, MacJams, or the like, you will have a greater chance of getting played by people doing what I do if you have accurate lyrics posted for your songs.

If I am rushed for time and I am considering two songs, one with lyrics and one without, I may end up picking the one with lyrics even if I don't like it quite as much musically. I will not put on something that is "bad" musically or doesn't fit, even if it has lyrics, but for two comparable songs and in a rush, the one with accurate lyrics wins.

I will try to update the show tips as I can.