Friday, July 15, 2011



So I was reading this forum thread on Kompoz this morning and I had an idea.

I think there may be a non-SoundCloud way to get this done. On top of that, I think that besides being different, it may be better for what we would want it for on Kompoz.

So let's say we are listening to a particular track of Turn Off This Light and we can see that at the bottom we have a Add a Comment section with a Submit Comment button. All we would need is to add a radio button choice section:

[X] Entire Track [ ] Current location in track

We could default to Entire Track.

If we post a comment with the default, everything works as it currently does for Kompoz track comments. If we choose [X] Current location in track then a play button link gets added to the post which when clicked will begin playing at the spot where the posted had paused the track when making the post.

Is this explanation clear? Would this work for us?

all the best,