Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lock Down Project Proposal

Lock Down Project Proposal

March 21/2020

This proposal if for the consideration of those groups of people put on lock down for whatever reason. The date should give you a clue as to what prompted this.

I will be speaking in some generalities in this post and may be contacting some people / groups privately with more particulars and to determine interest. I am splitting things up this way in case the public / general part might help / inspire a wider group than I contemplate. This is for people who are "artistic" or "crafty" in any way.

Quick Summary

  • We can work together online creating music, art, photography, books, etc.
  • We can put everything under a Creative Commons BY-SA license.
  • We can market these co-created works and give the proceeds to a "good cause" of our choosing.
  • We can also allow the "good cause" of our choosing to market / deal in the works we create in this project to raise money that we did not raise.


If you have any objections to any of the above:

  • Change whatever you need to change in the groups you organize so that your group has a good time and gets something worthwhile done.
  • Keep you objections off of this page. You have a better solution one point above.
  • If you are a part of a group I reach out to later, we can work things out in private.

Notes and Rambles

Other Possibilities

Book of short stories / essays
Photo book
Photo Calendars
Art Works
Clothing Designs
Computer Programs / Apps
T-Shirt Designs

I may add to this later. I would be interested in hearing anything that comes of this.

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