Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thoughts on FreeCC

Creative Commons develops and maintains a range of "licenses" some that people consider Free and some that they consider non-Free.

I am interested in the Free ones and in promoting the same. Especially their Attribution-Share Alike license(s).

I think that they could do more to promote Freedom or to let those of us that want to have an "official spot" in the cc space to do so. I intend to put down some ideas here on how I think things can be improved.

1. establish a FreeCC logo and branding for a start.

2. Within the FreeCC area, #cc could try some things like this: to help guide people to Free where appropriate.

3. Run a ccFreeMixter site separate from the ccMixter site. The ccFreeMixter site would offer BY and BY-SA licenses only.

4. Work with content hosting and similar entities such that a person using BY or BY-SA on their works need give no other rights to the companies to participate. Help these entities to figure out how to go about their business and earn their revenue streams without needing more rights to the works than BY or BY-SA provide.

5. Work diligently to develop and promote the use of various "best practice". For instance, official Creative Commons "communications" should stop the practice of saying "xyz had been released under a Creative Commons License" and should instead say "xyz has been released under a Free (or non-Free) Creative Commons License" or just spell out the license. Then, after setting a good example, push for this to be adopted as standard operating procedure by all cc license using entities.

... more to come.


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