Monday, May 11, 2009

Midnight Freedom Show 1

Midnight Freedom Show 1

OK, so since the beginning of the year, I have had a small radio show that airs at around midnight every night on Y98.7 in Nassau Bahamas.

Now, I am no big time DJ by any means but I may have learned a thing or two in the time I have been doing the show and I would like to pass on some ideas for people doing the Free Music thing and who would like to get their song played on the radio at least once.

The way the show works so far is that I play a different song that has been released under a Free License every night at around midnight. Hence the Midnight Freedom Show. Because of this I find myself spending a large proportion of the time I devote to the show looking for and listening to Free Music to see if it fits the format of the station and is OK for the radio.

Some days I have less time than other days and this brings me to a small bit of advice.

If you have your music someplace like Jamendo, Kompoz, ccMixter, MacJams, or the like, you will have a greater chance of getting played by people doing what I do if you have accurate lyrics posted for your songs.

If I am rushed for time and I am considering two songs, one with lyrics and one without, I may end up picking the one with lyrics even if I don't like it quite as much musically. I will not put on something that is "bad" musically or doesn't fit, even if it has lyrics, but for two comparable songs and in a rush, the one with accurate lyrics wins.

I will try to update the show tips as I can.



Mike Linksvayer said...

Gathering music for a show is hard work.

Please share the product -- playlist and/or recording.

It would be greatly appreciated.

zotz said...


if I can get someone to make me a decent music bed for the show and assign me the copyrights (or make some other deal with me) so that I can put the complete show under a BY-SA license (or other license as needed) and I can work out some other details, I would be happy to have the show archived somewhere.

In the mean time, I am making playlists on the places I find music where I have accounts.

MFS on ccMixterMFS on KompozMFS on JamendoI don't have an account on macjams or the artists' individual sites.


Mike Linksvayer said...

Cool, I didn't know you had playlists of music used on MFS at those sites.

I was thinking something like (but of course with only libre music), but playlists on host sites are useful too.