Monday, September 21, 2009

Money and Demotivation

Money and Demotivation

Money is often seen as a motivator, but how often do you consider its ability to demotivate.

has just made some changes (Kompoz 2.0) that will allow for possibly making it easier to make some money with the music we make there.

I think some of us who love what we have found at kompoz instinctively know that this can be a dangerous time. Brannon started this discussion in the recording and engineering group: Can you mix and master? and in a blog post: Money is here.

I have started thinking of money as a motivator and as a demotivator and as a uniter and as a divider or sower of discord.

Some links found while searching the web:

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An old post of mine elsewhere with some more links

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I hope to write more on this soon. Time is passing way too fast this morning.


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