Monday, October 26, 2009

New 3 Strikes Law Proposals

Ok, so here is my first 3 Strikes Law proposal.

Any corporation accused three times of incorrectly issuing DMCA take down notices loses the right to issue such notices in the future. To make this easy to check on, the copyright office will keep a list of corporations that are ineligible to issue such notices.

Can you think of any good 3 strikes proposals? ~;-)



google2434 said...

You're almost trying to be reasonable here. "If you abuse a certain tool (i.e. DMCA notices or file sharing), you shall no longer use it."

However, the three proposed strikes laws in Britain and France are much broader than that: "Abuse a certain tool and you lose access to the entire workshop."

Therefore, sadly, an analogy using DMCA notices would actually need to propose: "Abuse DMCA notices three times and you lose all your copyrights."

(By the way, to me it's incredibly annoying to limit comments to logged-in users only.)

Scott Carpenter said...

I keep thinking about your proposal with each Techdirt story about false DMCA takedown notices. Sounds very good but is entirely too reasonable and beneficial to the public.

zotz said...

@google2434 - you did pick up on the fact that you only need to be accused 3 times right? Nothing proved. Just like they don't want to have to prove anything before a court.

You may have an even more scary improvement there though.

As to the posting requirement. I got burned with way too much work years ago with forum spam and other forms of nastiness and am a bit leery and not at all sure of better ways to handle the issues here.

@Scott, I just think it is high time we went on the offensive in any number of areas. See also: and

all the best,