Monday, October 24, 2011

A Clue For Cable Bahamas

A Clue For Cable Bahamas

OK, so I went to lunch with a friend today and he mentions that cable cut off his internet over the weekend for a $17 unpaid balance. Seems his bill is around a hundred a month and he overpays by a small amount online and never really looks at the bill itself.

Actually, a couple of clues.

1. Disconnect accounts on Monday morning, not on the weekend.

2. Be smart. Why disconnect a regularly paying customer over such a small amount. How about an email to let them know of the problem? Perhaps to an email account other than the Cable Bahamas / Coralwave one which I am sure many never use.

3. Here is the main clue... Set up a captive portal instead of disconnecting an account. When the person tries to go on the web, take them to a page explaining the issue and giving them a chance to review their bill and pay online. Problem solved. Everyone is happy.

Other internet companies should feel free to use this clue to your benefit as well.

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