Friday, January 6, 2012

Gas Tax Lottery

Gas Tax Lottery

Here is another off the wall idea brought to you by yours truly.

So I dropped by slashdot tonight and saw an article about Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage and saw this thought in the summary:

"Among environmental policy analysts, the notion of a surcharge on fuel is widely supported. 'I think 98 percent of economists would say that we need higher gas taxes,' Knittel says."

So I asked myself, what if those who think such measures are necessary to achieve some social goal would suggest that all monies collected by such measures go not to fund government spending but instead to a fund a "lottery" where everyone who paid any such tax got a chance at winning?

Those who dislike big government would at least know that the monies collected would not go to growing government. Those who like big government would at least have to push the idea on its merits alone and not any extra benefits that the additional revenue could bring by spending on government programs.

Just to be clear, this idea is meant for any tax whose stated aim is to guide or control behaviour rather than to raise revenue.

Hit me with your thoughts.

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