Sunday, July 12, 2015

An Idea For facebook

An Idea For facebook

It happened to me again this morning. I went to log out and it asked me if I was sure I wanted to leave as some of my input was not yet posted and would be lost. I scanned through looking for the unposted material and count not find it. ***TWICE!***

I gave up and left the page anyway and lost whatever it was.

Here is a hint for facebook and all designers. (Windows, I am looking at you in particular! facebook are not the only ones to pull this sort of thing.)

Put a button on the alert that if I click it will ***take me to the unposted entry!*** Don't make me search for it. Take me there. The application knows exactly where it is already. Don't make me search for it. Don't waste my time.

I am looking at windows because I was plagued for years by a message along the lines that a file was missing or corrupt but it refused to name the missing or corrupt file for me when it knew very well which one was a problem for it but it thought it was a good idea to make me guess instead of telling me!

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