Friday, January 11, 2019

Augmented Reality Staging For Home Sales

Augmented Reality Staging For Home Sales

Consider AR staging for home sales... New home sales, renovations, flips...

Potential buyers show up. Put on the AR glasses/headgear and are led into the property.

They "see"' the place fully furnished and decorated. If they like it great. If not, they can discuss what they liked and did not like with the realtor/seller and they can be led into the property another time but this time see a completely different set up, furniture more to their liking, a colour scheme they prefer, different art work, a completely different "theme." Repeat as needed.

No need to rent furniture, art, and the rest and do an actual, physical staging of the property.

This could be tested against a Virtual Reality concept doing basically the same thing to see which performs better in which situations.

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