Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is Copyright Dangerous To Democracy?

Is Copyright Dangerous To Democracy?

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In light of recently reported things like the play in the "Digital Economy Bill" in the UK or the secret ACTA negotiations, I wonder if copyright is a danger to democracy.

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What are they telling us? That the only way to protect their copyrights is to gut democracy? To gut freedom? To gut privacy? To gut free speech?

(Hopefully more to come...)

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Crosbie Fitch said...

They're telling the people that they can't have both:
1) A monopoly on sale of copies
2) No enforcement of that monopoly

Unfortunately, due to conflation of the monopoly as a right (via privilege->'legal right'), the people have this crazy idea that if it's their right it should be protected, except if they're the one's breaching it, it shouldn't be.

A conflict in the law begets a conflict in the people.

This is why privileges are fundamentally unethical, or as Thomas Paine put it a few centuries ago: instruments of injustice.