Saturday, September 17, 2011

Begin And Persist

Begin And Persist

I get tired of hearing about people sending out Cease And Desist notices to others. Especially as it relates to music, the arts, culture, and software.

So I had this wacky idea. It might be fun to send out Begin And Persist notices. If you are doing the Free (Free Culture - Free Software) thing in some area why not send out a Begin And Persist notice to friends asking them to begin sharing your work with others and to persist in doing so.

Let me know if you like the idea and if you decide to send out some notices of your own?

Let me know if you have any ideas for making this even better.

all the best,


Update May 22/2012

 Want to work with a graphic artist to design a logo etc, for this idea. Contact me to discuss / brainstorm  if you are interested.

I would also be interested in hearing from a lawyer interested in drawing up some letters for tongue in cheek use modeled off the real (anti)things. Pro bono of course.


Scott Carpenter said...

I like it. I may use it in some form or another -- I'll let you know if I do, and if I remember. :-)

zotz said...

Cool Scott,

Do you think it would be effective to model it (tongue in cheek of course) on sample Cease And Desist letters?