Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Company Lottery Idea

Company Lottery Idea

I will explain this idea with an example based on BEC. (The Bahamas Electricity Corporation for our non-Bahamas based readers.)

OK, so BEC could fund this by adding a dollar to every customer's/meter's bill each month but that might cause trouble so instead they might fund it by allocating a dollar for every customer/meter each month.

Let's say the have 50,000 meters/customers. That's $50,000.00 dollars per month as a "lottery" prize.

Each month they would draw numbers one digit at a time until they reacher their account number length. If the numbers drawn match a customer number, that customer gets the prize so long as their account is in good standing. (Paid up to date as of the last billing period?) If there is no match or the account is not up to date, a percentage of the prize rolls over to the next month.

This should prove a powerful incentive to get customers to stay current. (With their current bill... rimshot.)

Say every quarter or two quarters, numbers would keep being drawn until the prize is won.

If this would be considered gambling, a simple "skill" question could be added to the mix after the numerical choosing. (If that would be enough.)

I should have some refinements and additions soon. If you implement this idea in your company, I would appreciate hearing from you.

I am available for consulting for tweaking this idea to better fit your situation.


Mike Linksvayer said...

Seems like a reasonable thing to try. But probably not allowed in some jurisdictions. A tax collecting agency could do the same thing.

zotz said...

It may not work without the "skill" element down here as it may be considered a game of chance or gambling.

I am not sure thought as there is no "entering" contemplated. No decision is taken to take part. The business takes a unilateral decision.