Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will It Come To This

Will It Come To This?

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Is it going to come down to something like this?

"I hereby grant a license to all of my copyrighted works to everyone who does the same. The license allows them to do anything with my copyrighted works that copyright law would prevent them from doing without a license from me to do so."

I figure there will need to be some caveats to deal with DRM and such things but perhaps this is where we will have to go to try and defeat things like #SOPA and the like.

NOTE: I am not doing the above now, I am asking the question. Right now I am still using BY-SA for works that I indicate as such.


Anonymous said...

One of the things that copyright prevents me from doing is re-issuing the work as my own. So your license would explicitly allow this. And if I can claim your work as my own, I can use existing copyright law to prevent you from using it, or even claiming it as your own work.

I expect you don't want that to happen, at least I don't want that to happen to my work.

So, sadly, licenses that try to use copyright as their basis, even to allow for more liberal use, need to be more complicated than that. And that puts us right back where we are now, with complicated copyright laws and licences that creators really don't want to deal with.


zotz said...

1. Just because I allow you to do the things with my copyright works that copyright law prevents you from doing does not mean I allow you to lie and say the work is yours when it is in fact mine.

2. You only get this right if you give this right. That means even if you did claim it as your own, I could turn around and do the same to you and claim it back.

Flaws in this analysis?