Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Advertising Flyer Idea

Advertising Flyer Idea

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OK, so the other day (you got me, the other week, I have been putting this write up off for too long now) I came down from work to find a flyer in my windshield. Now I really don't like getting these things but I have handed out a good amount in my younger days so, whatever...

This one was printed on both sides and so became instant garbage... What a waste. So I got to thinking and figured that printing it on both sides increased the chances of it being waste. Now, I can see the appeal of printing it on both sides as when placed under a wiper on a windshield (this is where I met the one in question) as the offer can be seen by those passing as well as the poor driver from the inside who got in before thinking to remove it.

The thing is, is this worth it if the things gets trashed right away. What a waste indeed.

So here is the idea:

Print only one side with you intended ad or offer. Print the other side with lines (think note paper) and your logo and phone number. Now instead of trashing your flyer, there is a decent chance I will take it home to use as note paper. Now your logo and contact info will be before me. Possible for a good while to come.

Just a thought for you Flyer Distributors. No Charge...

all the best,